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About Multan Public School & College (Girls)

The importance of Public School in the education system of a country needs no emphasis. They go a long way in creating an urban-rural integration and thus contribute substantially to the process of nation building in the developing countries like ours. Public Schools are invariably residential and they lay a great stress on the promotion and development of leadership qualities and provide the facilities which are essentially needed to impart a balanced education to student. Residence is perhaps the decisive factor which makes the education of public schools superior to that of ordinary Day Schools. The concept of a balanced education which lays equal emphasis on both the curricular and extra-curricular activities of students can best be implemented in a conducive environment of a school campus.

Message by the Principal

picMultan Public School & College For Girls (A project of Multan Education Trust) has ever remained dedicated to achieve a prominent position in this highly competitive society. Ever since the beginning the emphasis has been on activity oriented teaching: more learner-centered methodology. Multan Public School & College for Girls has not only created a model infra-structure for the girl students of Punjab but also keeps trying to achieve the aims of a Public School education, which are academic, moral and physical excellence, with the help of a dedicated, highly qualified teaching faculty and other vigorous crew. We, at MPS & C (Girls) believe in continuous struggle to be yielded for the promotion and progress of the institute and ever try to bring it successfully to the zenith, as sky is the only limit.